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“I cannot say exactly how nature exerts its calming and organizing effects on our brains, but I have seen in my patients the restorative and healing powers of nature and gardens, even for those who are deeply disabled neurologically.”
                      - Oliver Sacks, Everything in Its Place: First Loves and Last Tales (Knopf 2019) 

Beginning of Songs of Seeing: "What an extraordinary story, and beautifully written. I am printing it (in LARGE type) for Dr. Sacks. I do hope you are able to get your story out there.....Your story is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it."
  Kate Edgar, assistant to Dr Sacks, 2013

Farnham Blair, author of five books: two of poetry, two of essays on art, and one of childhood memoir, has kind words about Crowell’s poems.  Blair calls Marnie an “encouraging a poet, an agent for many kinds of positive change. She has the discerning eye of a scientist and the responsive ear of a musician. Her world is rich in nuanced color and subtle rhythm. With deep enthusiasm, she shares this bounty with her readers. Her poetry is alive with vivid perceptions, surprising insights, quick flashes of humor--and resonant metaphors which encourage us to join her in connecting more deeply with our own surroundings."


In addition to sharing her fusion surimono with friends and acquaintances who wished to explore her collections, Marnie posted selections on her personal Facebook page. Encouraged by the responses, she began debuting her work locally.

Museum quality prints of Marnie's fusion surimono are not for sale in galleries but they are available when one makes a contribution to a not-for-profit group. During the summer of 2018 the Blue Hill Concert Association and the Blue Hill Library featured highly successful solo shows of these works.

A similar show at at Island Heritage Trust was accompanied by this interview in the local newspaper:


The story of Marnie’s involvement with nature and land trusts is outlined in an interview with Gulf of Times,

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