Songs of Seeing

Verbal/Visual images in partnership

Nature-based images arranged in order of challenge 

designed for 

pleasure, healing, comfort, peace

It is well recognized that nature is healing, as is art. But what if your present circumstance does not allow either getting outdoors, making art, or searching out soothing art works 

The images below are a small sample of the Songs of Seeing. These verbal and visual images are a modern version of the 19th century Japanese poem prints and so are called fusion surimono. 

Songs 1, a collection of 30 (almost) No Words images  alone 

Songs 4, More Mid-length surimono, a collection of 30

moderately complex surimono

Songs 2, a collection of 30 Shorter surimono, simple text and images 

Songs 5, a collection of

30 Longer surimono, more complicated texts

Songs 3, a collection of

30 Mid-length surimono, more text and more complex images. 

Songs 6, Different Flavors,

collection which offers surimono that vary in styles, both verbal and visual

One might think of these Songs of Seeing as poems which can be enjoyed by people who think they do not like poetry. Perhaps most significantly, they have proved a safe and comforting resource for people coping with Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, Parkinson’s, post Lyme, Covid 19 and grief, addiction recovery etc. The important thing is that these images are calming and one is encouraged to proceed at a personally pleasing speed.


To view all six collections arranged according to visual and verbal complexity, go to the Collections page. The drop-down menu there will offer any of the six collections. Each collection will give you an easy series which you can explore and enjoy at your own pace.


To help you think about art as healing - either as a caregiver or a person with challenges - see the Introduction  and Artist's statement.

To Download and Save these collections onto your own devices go the the Download page.  


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