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Here is the complete collection of Songs of Seeing, slightly more extensive, a single easily downloaded PDF. Once you have it on your cellphone, tablet or desktop computer, you are no longer limited to enjoying it where you have internet access.


If you prefer to download only individual collections you may click here.

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This collection contains (almost) No Words.These simple images tell their own story. The only texts are few titles at the end of the collection. Click PDF icon to open and download this collection. 

This collection is surimono of Shorter Length texts and fairly uncomplicated images. Click PDF icon to open and download this collection. 

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This collection is Mid-length surimono. Click PDF icon to open and download this collection. 

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This collection is more surimono of Mid-length. Click PDF icon to open and download this collection. 

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This collection is surimono which are Longer texts. Click PDF icon to open and download this collection. 

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This collection is surimono of a Different Flavor. Click PDF icon to open and download this collection. 

More vignettes

Click PDF icon for Gift of Christmas Quiet from Redbook

    Nature in healing words


On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 10:29 AM Cindy wrote:


“Hi Marnie-
You do not know me; nor me you. I was packing up Christmas on this lovely New Year morning in Raleigh, NC counting my blessings to put the end of 2019 behind husband Bob survived emergency surgery for an aortic dissection on October 24 this year and then experienced 3 more heart surgeries and a right brain stroke between 10/24 and 11/20 and we returned home from the UNC Hospital on December 9th....when I came across an old Advent devotional booklet we made for our church, Benson Memorial United Methodists Church in 1989.  The scripture is “Return, O my soul, to your rest.” -Psalms 116:7.


I always try to take time out from all the hustle and bustle of the season to relax and read two wonderful Christmas stories...Truman Capote’s “ A Christmas Memory” and the other is yours “A Gift of Christmas Quiet” which I tore out of a “ladies’ magazine” years ago. I have since lost my copy of your story. I learned it was published in Redbook December 1980. …is this story available in any of your publications? I want to add it my Christmas stash. I know it gave me so much joy...and who doesn’t want joy!!!! Please let me know where I can get a copy of this. Thank you so much!”


I wrote back to Cindy that I appreciated hearing from her and would try to locate a copy of the story. Sadly, I no longer had a copy of that long ago magazine and the only on line reference I could find was that the issue in question was missing from the Redbook archive. Had she and her husband encountered my web site  which might be comforting to them both?


Then I forwarded her message to my nephew Paul who forty years ago was the star of the story. He’s now head of the Physics Department at a prominent university. “Paul, remember this?” Remember he did indeed, and in short order he messaged me that he had located a copy and would be sending it to me shortly. Never underestimate the research capabilities of a physics professor!


Cindy was delighted. “This is a wonderful gift of the new year, for me and for my husband, Bob....Your story so captured the essence of a kid tired of all the holiday hoopla who is calmed/soothed by interacting outside at what is still my very favorite time of day...just before twilight. I shall print it off and tuck it into my advent booklet for next year….Bob and I both really appreciate the rehab tips you shared in your Songs of Seeing website. We are living a good deal of that life these days- with him in outpatient rehabilitation from his stroke that happened after the 3rd of his 4 surgeries.  My cousin with MS found the pictures you have taken amazing and so did I. So calming. Thank you!” Then Cindy wrote that her cousin found the perfect music to go with the story:


Nature, that miracle which is Life, is indeed the source of our soul’s rest and healing. The joy that is sharing is a lesson we cannot ponder often enough!  

No literary honor, no amount of royalties, can measure up to the sweetness of this true story, this unexpected gift for the New Year. 

Click PDF icon for Poem Craft, WordPaint for Everyone.  This is clearly an introduction to enjoying both verbal and visual images and making your own “fusion surimono” although that was not apparent to Marnie when she wrote it as an aid to exploring poetry. Marnie has long been interested in differences between Eastern and Western approaches to language and art. Considering different approaches may spur you to expanding your own creativity- even after a brain trauma. 

wordpaint cover fixed 900.jpg

Click PDF icon for Island Meditation which surveys meditation methods in various world cultures. Fortunately for Marnie, she knew to try fashioning a special meditation when her olfactory nerve was snapped in her accident. This collection of meditation techniques was used in an Adult Education class and has something for everyone. 


Click PDF icon for Light Pages. These are a combination of Marnie’s poems with Dr Ann Flewelling’s photographs. The name refers to the glowing quality of images on the LED screen of digital devices. Marnie and Ann collaborated as ThreeHalf Press using verbal and visual art on behalf of Nature until Ann’s tragic automobile accident nearly took her life. One can see in hindsight that these are forerunners of Marnie's surimono. 


Click PDF icon for Sky of Birds

which is a collection Audubon members’ bird photographs accompanied by Marnie’s poems. 


 Art on line  - En Ligne as the French say

In France, a collective of 14 museums is placing over 100,000 pieces of art on its online portal—all of which are free to download and use as you please snce they have just come into the public domain. Download a high-resolution, 300-DPI digitization of an artwork, from the online collection  and read about the pieces.

These links will take you to more nature images:

All 435 Illustrations from John J Audubon’s ‘Birds of America’
Available for Free Download
Free Botanical Illustrations from the Biodiversity Heritage Library
Photographs in the field by Eric Curtis Cummings

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